After a year-long obligatory break, the University Harmonic orchestra Leuven (UHO) is continuing the tradition of benefit concerts again. This fall, they will stay in their home town Leuven to play a concert in aid of the Exceptional Kids Fund (KU Leuven/UZ Leuven). The fund conducts research into the causes and symptoms of rare genetic disorders in children. Thanks to the Exceptional Kids Fund, better diagnoses can be made, the children and their families receive better support and there is room for more perspective. In this way they too can grow into adults with unique talents.

The benefit concert is part of the KNAL! Festival, a city festival in Leuven with the theme of the Big Bang. Just as Georges Lemaître unraveled part of the secret of the cosmos with his big bang theory in 1931, scientists unraveled 99% of the human genome 20 years ago, which can be called the big bang in human genetics.

The more than 80 musicians of the UHO are already rehearsing hard to make it another impressive concert on Thursday, November 25, 2021.  Come and enjoy the music by Leuven students and support the Exceptional Kids Fund at the same time. The program includes Journey through the Stratosphere by Rossano Galante and Give us this Day by David Maslanka. Katty Allaert will be your guide through this exciting evening.

You can buy your tickets here until Monday, November 22, 2021!

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